Principal Scientist for Tata Steel

Tata Steel is looking for a highly motivated Principal Scientist, M.Eng or MSc./PhD


A Principal Scientist having obtained a M.Eng or MSc./PhD degree with at least 7 years of relevant research experience such as in Ironmaking, Steelmaking & Casting, Steel Rolling, Surface Engineered Products, Coating Materials and Technologies, Materials Design and Physical Metallurgy, Applications Technologies (e.g joining and forming)


You are a company expert bringing forth technological insights based on detailed research analyses in order to work on innovative process and product development.


You have an innovative mindset and will set up experimental and modeling research activities from proposal to plant implementation and product application as part of our suite of steel products in the market.


The UK, the Netherlands or India.

You will combine your passion for fundamental research with tangible product and Process impact

As a Principal Scientist at the Global Research & Development (R&D) of Tata Steel, you will be offered the opportunity to combine your passion for research with tangible process and product implementation in the steel making industry. As a company expert, you are involved in the main research projects of Tata Steel. You will work in close cooperation with prominent researchers from various disciplines and in an open, international and academic culture with highly motivated colleagues.

Are you our new Principal Scientist?

As a Principal Scientist, you build and maintain relevant external networks, in order to identify, apply and develop technological knowledge into areas of key importance for the core businesses of Tata Steel. You will use your influencing skills to establish support for key projects. The role requires you to keep abreast of developing technologies and using your own knowledge to develop applications for such technology for both continuous and breakthrough improvement.

In addition, you have the following qualifications:

  • M.Eng or MSc./PhD degree in relevant fields
  • At least 7 years of research experience
  • Strong track record of leading research programs with successful implementation and publications/patents

Plenty of relocation facilities

If you move abroad for work, you will face a range of new situations: from new surroundings to new people and new customs. At Tata Steel, we are more than willing to assist you if you head off for the Netherlands, the UK or India. You can rely on us for information about the location of the company and its surroundings.

This is your R&D

Tata Steel Global Research & Development (R&D) is a multi-site business employing around 1000 employees within its five core technology centres: IJmuiden in the Netherlands; Rotherham, Teesside and Warwick in the United Kingdom and Jamshedphur in India. The department combines top class innovation with cutting edge technology in order to deliver ‘steel solutions’ in a constantly changing world. We use the best technologies to continuously improve the quality and performance of our steel products. Moreover, we work in close cooperation with leading research institutes and universities around the world as well as with key customers in the automotive, transport, packaging and construction areas.

Apply now!

Do you want to become our new Principal Researcher? Please apply through internet only. We would like to receive a résumé and motivation. An assessment can be part of our hiring process.


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