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6 May 2019 Monday 8:00

Seventeenth International Conference on Numerical Combustion

The German section of the Combustion Institute is pleased to announce and invite you to participate in the 17th International Conference on Numerical Combustion in Aachen (Germany) on May 6 – 8, 2019.  Current advances in numerical combustion continue to have a great impact on combustion science. These advances allow to address engineering problems with increasing complexity in a wide range of applications such as propulsion and transportation, power generation, environment, waste disposal, safety (fires, explosions), or material synthesis.  At the forthcoming Seventeenth International Conference on Numerical Combustion, ongoing research and current advances in the field of numerical combustion will be presented. These include the integration of theory, modeling and numerical implementation to perform high-fidelity simulations of fundamental combustion physics and technological applications. The goal of the conference is to be a premier venue for researchers and industry practitioners to share new ideas, research results, and development experiences in these fields.