About the NVV

The NVV is an association of companies and institutions in the Netherlands and Belgium, which have an interest in industrial research and education in the field of combustion and gasification. The NVV is closely affiliated with the International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF): an international version of the NVV in which virtually all combustion research associations organized. The NVV itself has the following objectives:

  • Encouraging consultation and cooperation between the members.
  • The preparation of a research program and the execution of this program in education and/or research.
  • Encourage exchange of technical research results among members.
  • Encourage and initiate research in the European context through IFRF.

An up-to-date overview of our members can be found here.

What does the NVV do?

The NVV organizes in cooperation with the Combustion Institute Science and Technology Foundation (STW) Combura the symposium. A symposium for industry and academia research and applications present in the field of combustion.

Currently, the NVV busy setting up of research on the theme "NOx emissions from combustion of gaseous fuels". It is intended to accommodate a PhD student at a university in the project and to join the new Clean Combustion Concepts STW program that is currently in progress.

More in detail, another proposal developed further. These are "Dynamic control of combustion parameters to reduce NOx" and will contain the following elements: 1) Variations on various time scales, 2) Actuators, 3) Dynamic modeling and measurements and 4) O2 and CO control.

The aim is to achieve projects drawn by TU and the NVV which acts as one of the sponsors. Evident in the creation of the studies and subjects there is close contact with academia and industry which is of course one of the NVV objectives.

Twice a year there is a meeting on site at one of the members. Herein including potential research areas discussed with the members which are agreements about how these studies can be further shaped. Research was initiated by the NVV is presented. It also presents the host his/her company or institution.

The NVV is affiliated with the International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF). Currently IFRF operating from Pisa in Italy, where they manage research facilities, which are available to members of the NVV, of the University of Pisa and from the utility Enel (Livorno). Research initiatives can also be accommodated here. Finally IFRF organizes every three years Members Conference in which all members present research.

What are the benefits of membership?

This can be split into benefits for the industry and academia. For industry, these are:

  • Network with universities thus known by students.
  • Relatively inexpensive involvement in projects in the Netherlands and internationally through IFRF.

For academia, these are:

  • Network and business colleagues universities.
  • Good link to needs from business.
  • Support for studies from industry.

Combined advantages for industry and academia are:

  • Access to an international network through IFRF.
  • Access to knowledge IFRF over the Internet.
  • Access to research facilities through IFRF.

Request for membership

Please contact us via this link.