NVV gesponsord werk: LES simulation of non reacting flow in a GT Combustor

Een van de door de NVV gesponsord project heeft een publicatie opgeleverd in Flow, Turbulence and Combustion. 

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Combustion Award 2017

At the annual combustion conference Combura the combustion award 2017 has been award to the student with the best master thesis in the field of combustion. This year the price has been awarded to Ambrus Both for his work: RANS-FGM simulation of a n-heptane spray flame in OpenFOAM.

This year we’ve received submissions of students from Eindhoven en Delft. Most of the thesis were focuses on diesel engines. Varying from the validation of simple, fast models for the predication of NOx based on engine parameters to the effect of injection strategy on particulate matter emissions. Demonstrating that even such a well-known and relatively old technology as diesel combustion is still very relevant and optimization is still possible reducing the effects theses engines have on our environment.

In the end the award was given to a thesis which describes an alternative strategy to model liquid flames. In this work he introduces a novel way of coupling the properties of the droplets to the other variables in the CFD simulation. Where in previous models the properties needed to be stored in a look-up table, the properties are now directly linked to the underlying FGM variables. This results in a very lightweight approach. This is another important step in improving the results of FGM simulations with liquid fuels.

Ambrus described the complex theory behind FGM simulations and his liquid combustion model very clearly. Making it the perfect basis for further development. 

Combura Book of Abstracts

The book of abstracts can be downloaded here:

Book of abstracts

Combura 2017

The COMBURA symposium is the major annual event for exchange of information on combustion research and its practical applications, in the Netherlands. It is an initiative of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Vlamonderzoek NVV (Netherlands Association for Flame Research) and is sponsored by the Dutch section of the Combustion Institute and KIVI, section Energy and Heat Technology. The theme of Combura 2017 is The Future of Combustion, focusing on the role of combustion within the rapidly changing energy landscape. Experts in the field of the energy transition, energy storage and leaders in industry will share their perspective on the future of combustion and invite universities, research institutes, and industrial companies in the Netherlands and surrounding countries to join in the discussions and present their work. In addition, the symposium offers unique chances to expand and maintain your professional network. COMBURA 2017 will take place on Wednesday, 11th of October and Thursday, 12th of October 2017. The venue for this event will be the conference hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten in Soesterberg, which is between the cities Utrecht and Amersfoort.

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Combura 2016 Book of Abstracts

U kunt hier het book of abstracts downloaden:

Book of Abstracts Combura 2016